Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The first step in our journey.

Welcome to The Carlson House blog!!

As some of you may know we had initially planned to build our house in Andover, which is about eight miles northeast of where we currently live. However, those plans fell through so we decided to wait it out to determine if there were any suitable alternatives.

Three days had passed after we balked at the Andover plan when our builder called to inform us of a very quiet and scenic area in Ramsey, which is about 10 miles northwest of us. The gal & I took one look at the area and were instantly sold! The best part is this particular area would allow us to have that same home design we initially chose, but for approximately $50,000 less!

Despite the fact that we thought the Andover plan was the proverbial cat’s meow, we didn’t try to force the issue and make it work. When it didn’t feel right, we let it go and then trusted that God would fulfill the desire on our hearts. And I’m not talking about the material possession that would be our new home. No, I’m specifically referring to fulfilling the promise Jennifer made to her Dad. She assured her Dad that we would take in Mom to live with us after he passed.

Feel free to check in to this site periodically as we will be providing many updates of this exciting journey in our lives!

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Carlson said...

Looks beautiful. Can't wait to visit the new Carlson household!